1 in 10 British People Makes Contactless Payments

Every British citizen will spend about 10 years of their life using gadgets, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. These are the findings of the OnePoll survey held among 2,000 British residents. On the average, the respondents use voice commands 8 times a week and receive 59 notifications to their gadgets every day (16 emails, 9 messages on Facebook, and 8 messages on Instagram). During the day, a British person uses six different apps and listen to 12 songs.

According to the poll, 8 out of 10 respondents are convinced that the technologies have made their lives easier. Also, 71% percent of those asked admitted that they were addicted to gadgets. The British start using their gadgets in the morning and spend half an hour in their smartphones. At the same time, 3 out of 10 respondents spend no more than 10 minutes checking their gadgets after waking up. More than half of the British (68%) use gadgets to communicate with their family and friends. Every 4th respondent reads news websites daily, while every 10th surveyed person makes contactless payments. 

The deadline for the mandatory introduction of card payments in stores
The period from which all retail outlets and online stores will be required to accept bank cards will be postponed for a year and a half, said Anatoly Aksakov, head of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market.
Russian Agricultural Bank presented a number of new services
Russian Agricultural Bank presented a number of new services at the forum of innovative financial technologies that took plsce in Sochi. They state that all their efforts are being used towards increasing availability of financial services.
Russia received 1st place in Europe in cash-free transaction growth
It was stated in the report of the consulting company BCG that Russia became a world leader in the number of the most protected tokenized transactions and Europe’s biggest market in the volume of operations with using digital currency.