Banks launch money transfers from companies to citizens by phone number

The first b2c-operation was carried out by the "Russian Standard" Bank and VTB, which transferred borrowed funds from the micro-finance organisation "Mikroklad" to its clients.

The new function can be used for any type of transfers from companies to individuals. For a b2c transfer, the client does not need complex details, it is enough to tell the mobile phone number to which his account is connected in the bank that is a member of the FPS. Funds are credited to an individual's account instantly and without commission.

FPS has already established itself as a convenient and reliable way to transfer funds, that is why there is no obstacle to the effective development of b2c transfers.  The cost of operations for banks is quite low, therefore, using FPS, including salary transfer and other payments, can reduce the amount of commission that banks take from legal entities.

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Anonymous electronic wallets have been banned from replenishing with cash in Russia
Amendments to the law "On the national payment system" entered into force in Russia. Now, if the person who is replenishing a wallet has not been identified, the transaction will be possible only from the bank account.
Citizens have invested over 1.7 trillion roubles into the stock market in the first half of the year
According to the National association of stock market participants (NASMP), the volume of funds received from citizens to brokerage accounts during the first six months of 2020 amounted to about 1.5 trillion roubles, including 50 billion roubles on individual brokerage investment.