In 2017, the Russian IT market grew by nearly 21% and exceeded $5 bln, the International Data Corporation (IDC) research company reports

Last year, the market reversed to growing, and its expansion is expected to be stimulated by the Digital Economy national program, analysts forecast. IT expertise and services are becoming more important to the market players, which results in more intense competition with insourcing companies and internal IT departments, says senior IDC analyst Valeriy Agapov. Russian software developers’ aggregate sales are expected to have risen to 1 trillion roubles by the end of 2018 for the first time, the Russoft association forecasts. That being said, in 2017, the market growth amounted to 4%, and its volume made up 834 bln roubles.

Visa estimates the benefits from cashless economy
Roubini ThoughtLab, a research firm, carried out a global study Cashless Cities to the order of the Visa company. The study revealed that cashless economy has great potential in our society. The benefits of mass e-payment technology adoption in Moscow and St.
China UnionPay, the largest payment system in the world, hits the European market
China UnionPay, a Chinese payment system which is the largest credit card issuer in the world, is preparing for issuing their cards in Great Britain.
PayRing payment rings can now be purchased at Moscow Credit Bank offices
PayRing payment rings can now be purchased at Moscow Credit Bank offices. “You will not slow down the line while fumbling around in your bag for the purse or card: the line will slow down itself to take a look at how easily you are paying with your ring.