Motiv Introduces A Fitness Ring With Impressive Battery

Motiv has recently introduced a new fitness ring which is simple but solid. It is a new solution for those who want to monitor how they do sports, their resting/active heart rate, steps, distance, calories, and sleep time. One of the distinctive features of the product is its battery, which can keep your device working up to three days. The ring is waterproof, since washing hands should not prevent the ring wearer from using it. The ring is equipped with a small LED light which indicates whether your ring is charging.

The ring is charged via USB. The ring does not have as many capabilities as other fitness trackers do, because the form factor limits the functionality, so if you want to find a full-scale substitution for Apple Watch, it may not be the thing you are looking for; however, as a fitness ring with basic functions, it’s a good product which can find its audience.

Credit Bank of Moscow announces the market launch of “tap and go” payment rings
By means of this accessory you can pay for your purchases through a payment terminal with contactless technology of payment. When your purchases exceed 1000 roubles, you will be required to enter your PIN-code.
PayRing Newsletter Subscription Feature Implemented
Now you have an opportunity to read PayRing news not only on the project Facebook page, but also in the newsletter that is sent to your email. To subscribe to our newsletter, enter your name and email in the subscription form found in the website footer section.
PayRing Smart Ring Design Catalogue Introduced
The catalogue features three collections: Saturn, or ceramic rings (15 designs), Jupiter, or titanium rings (3 designs), and Neptun, or gold and silver rings (3 designs). The catalogue will be expanded, and the new models are going to hit the market soon.