The FAS initiative provides for the withdrawal from industry participants of the antimonopoly immunity actually applicable to them
However, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media opposed the FAS initiative to extend competition regulation to developers. According to the Ministry of Communications, the FAS bill may help reduce the competitiveness of domestic IT developers, over regulation, may hinder the country's accelerated digitalization and import substitution policy. They also predict the diversion of patents and inventions abroad and a reduction in the income of IT developers and integrators. read
Demand for portable devices grew by 90% in 2019
According to “Eldorado” and “M.Video”, Russians spent nearly 240 billion roubles on wireless gadgets in 2019. Of which, 32 billion rubles formed a carrying device – smart watch, fitness bracelet, etc. In 2019, demand for them doubled to 5 million units and increased by 90 percent in monetary terms. Sales of such devices are growing in all segments. read
IT developers asked the government not to support the growth of the power of the Federal Antimonopoly Service
Several united Russian IT companies made a request to the Ministry of Communications not to support a bill suggested by the Federal Antimonopoly Service about the regulation of the results of intellectual activity.Несколько The Office proposes to cancel the immunity to the application of antitrust laws on IT developers. read
MasterCard is changing the CEO
The payment system MasterCard has reported that from the 1st of January their SEO will become Michael Miebach, currently chief product officer. The current SEO of MasterCard, Ajay Banga, who has been working as a SEO for 10 years is to become a Chairman of the Board of Directors. 63 years old Richard Hatorntwaite who is currently in charge of this department is going to retire. read