Now you can refill the transport ring Troika by the means of an application “Moscow Metro”
Despite its designation, official application of the Moscow Metro applies to all kinds of public urban transport – trolleybuses, buses, trams, suburban trains, shuttle buses, the Metro and the Moscow Central Ring. This application provides the best routes both inside the city and in the region. The users would see the numbers of the ground transport, the interchanges and an average travel cost. read
A new major player enters the Russian market of technological start-ups
A company “VEB Innovations“ LLC has been established within the framework of restructuring of activities of Vnesheconombank, directed at priority development and the new innovation areas. The list of top priority objectives encloses the funding of the projects of The National Technological Initiative, the program “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”, attraction of co-investors as well as assistance to Russian innovation companies by the entry at international markets. read
Q1 2018 To See Pay Ring Payment Rings Become Available For Ordering At Credit Bank of Moscow
In cooperation with Mastercard and the Credit Bank of Moscow, the PayRing company is about to start mass production of the first tap-to-pay payment rings in Russia. To make a payment, the person wearing the ring will only have to tap the ring on a payment terminal that supports the Mastercard contactless payment technology. Such terminals can be found in stores, the metro, cinema, etc.: there are over 7 million point-of-sale terminals like this in 107 countries, including Russia. read
Motiv Introduces A Fitness Ring With Impressive Battery
Motiv has recently introduced a new fitness ring which is simple but solid. It is a new solution for those who want to monitor how they do sports, their resting/active heart rate, steps, distance, calories, and sleep time. One of the distinctive features of the product is its battery, which can keep your device working up to three days. The ring is waterproof, since washing hands should not prevent the ring wearer from using it. read
The Moscow Metro has started selling rings with the Troika app integrated
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