PayRing payment rings can now be purchased at Moscow Credit Bank offices
PayRing payment rings can now be purchased at Moscow Credit Bank offices. “You will not slow down the line while fumbling around in your bag for the purse or card: the line will slow down itself to take a look at how easily you are paying with your ring.” A jewel enabling you to make payments with a single tap is a perfect solution for people who keep an eye on advanced technology trends and lead an active life. read
In 2017, the Russian IT market grew by nearly 21% and exceeded $5 bln, the International Data Corporation (IDC) research company reports
Last year, the market reversed to growing, and its expansion is expected to be stimulated by the Digital Economy national program, analysts forecast. IT expertise and services are becoming more important to the market players, which results in more intense competition with insourcing companies and internal IT departments, says senior IDC analyst Valeriy Agapov. read
Chinese Payment Service WeChat Pay Now Available in Russia
WeChat Pay, a Chinese payment service, is now available in Russia, the Vedomosti newspaper reports. As the Chairman of the Board of the Sendy company (a WeChat Pay’s Russian partner) Igor Klyuchnikov said, the service is aimed at serving the Chinese who come to Russia: as of this moment, only Chinese citizens can use WeChat Pay. The number of WeChat Pay users in the Russian Federation is not specified. WeChat Pay enables you to make purchases using an app for smartphones. read
The IT Department of Moscow Forecasts Increase in Muscovites’ Expenditure on Digital Devices
In 2017, Moscow citizens spent 2% of total household income on digital devices, or 38,000 roubles a year, the IT Department of Moscow reports. According to ITD’s forecast, in eight years’ time, the expenditure on this kind of goods will have increased to 3% of annual income, or 60,000 roubles. The demand is expected to rise for smart home devices, VR/AR devices, wearables, and robots. read
Credit Bank of Moscow announces the market launch of “tap and go” payment rings
By means of this accessory you can pay for your purchases through a payment terminal with contactless technology of payment. When your purchases exceed 1000 roubles, you will be required to enter your PIN-code. In the event of lost, it will be enough to contact your bank for blocking your ring, herewith you can continue using your bank card. You can link up your payment ring to your current bank card, as well as apply for a card and a ring all at the same time. read