Romantic Editions of Troika PayRing Rings Dedicated to St. Valentine's Day Hit the Market
Starting from February 14, St. Valentine's Day, visitors of the Moscow metro will have an opportunity to buy a romantic edition of the Troika PayRing ring. There are 200 of them in total, and they are available in two colours, pink and white, and two sizes, 17 and 19. Until recently, the Moscow metro passengers were offered only black and blue rings. They can be used to pay for all kinds of public transport where a Troika card can be used, including the metro, the MCC and ground transport. read
PayRing Appears In Russia-1 Newscast
The Russia-1 channel has told its audience about the PayRing smart rings. read
Advanced technologies stimulate cashless transactions
The Central Bank reports cash withdrawal volume decrease and cashless transaction volume increase. Experts attribute this trend shift seen this year to the advanced technologies being implemented in the industry. In December, the Central Bank published statistics on transactions carried out using bank cards for 9 months of 2017. For the first time in ten years, bank clients withdrew less money than before. Three quarters of 2017 saw citizens withdraw more than 18. read
In the nearest future the smart gadgets would know more about a person, than his own family - Gartner
The Gartner has published a report «Predictions 2018: personal gadgets», emphasizing the role of artificial intelligence in the industry of personal devices. For example, according to the forecasts of analytics of the company, already in the year 2022 the gadgets would comprehend the necessities of a person better than his family members. read
29.12.2017 has included the smart rings PayRing into the list of the most breakthrough gadgets of the year has included the smart rings PayRing to the list of the most breakthrough gadgets of the year. Besides, this list incorporates the data carriers, the flying transport vehicles and electric cars, the modern weaponry, robots, the tools of communication and other developments of Russian enterprises and scientific institutes, interested in the promotion of innovation industries. read