Over 1.3 mln Passengers Used Contactless Payment Devices on Ticket Gates

From the beginning of the year, more than 1.3 mln passengers entered the Moscow metro and the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) by paying via contactless bank cards, smartphones and Troika Pay Rings. Almost 40% of such entries accounted for April. As of the end of this month, contactless reader devices are installed on 710 ticket gates (two in each hall).

Compared to March, April saw 78% more metro and MCC passengers using contactless payment methods. During the first week of April, 89,000 passengers chose to take advantage of contactless technologies; by the end of the month, their number increased to 147,000 a week.

Contactless payment methods are getting increasingly popular, growing from 39.7% to 93.2% since the beginning of the year. In quantitative terms, the increase is almost five-fold, from 105,000 entries in January to 507,000 in April.

In 1st Quarter of 2019 Smart Home Device Sales Grew by Third
According to GfK, in Russia customers spend €23.5 mln. to buy 100,000 smart home devices every month, on the average. Also, the GfK analysts are pointing out that the Russians see smart home as a set of individual clever solutions each of which is meant for solving a specific task.
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Over 500,000 Joined Troika-Gorod Loyalty Program
More than 500,000 people have already enrolled into the loyalty program offered by “Troika-Gorod.” Out of that number, 335,000 people started to collect and spend bonuses since the beginning of 2019. On the average, more than 45,000 new users are joining the program every month.