Romantic Editions of Troika PayRing Rings Dedicated to St. Valentine's Day Hit the Market 

Starting from February 14, St. Valentine's Day, visitors of the Moscow metro will have an opportunity to buy a romantic edition of the Troika PayRing ring. There are 200 of them in total, and they are available in two colours, pink and white, and two sizes, 17 and 19. Until recently, the Moscow metro passengers were offered only black and blue rings. They can be used to pay for all kinds of public transport where a Troika card can be used, including the metro, the MCC and ground transport. The ceramic accessories can be purchased at souvenir shops located at the Mayakovskaya and Trubnaya stations, and at the "Live Communication" stand at the Pushkinskaya station.

"Rings with the Troika feature integrated are popular among our passengers. We hope that the new accessories of pink and white colours will be a great gift for young ladies to be given on St. Valentine's Day. As to young men, they may like a classic black ring", says first deputy head of the metro strategic development and customer management department Roman Latypov. 

Troika rings hit the market last autumn. They were purchased by more than 1200 passengers since then. The rings have the same functions as the bracelets, fobs and Troika transport cards. They can be used to pay for public transport, including the metro, the MCC and ground transport. 

You can top up your digital wallet or add any ticket to your Troika at metro kiosks. Besides, you can top up a Troika card using the "Moscow Metro" app, as well as the online topup service available at, the Services section.

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