Trade-in program in the wearable devices segment is gaining momentum

South Korean Samsung has launched the trade-in program for smart watch in Russia. Under this program you can get a discount in return for giving the old device of Samsung itself or of its competitors - Apple, Xiaomi иHuawei.The amount of the discount will depend on the device you purchase and on the condition of the old device, which is evaluated by the store on spot. The buyout of wearable devices under the trade-in program is carried out by SmartPrice and “Nossimo” operators, so as by other operators, which cooperate with Samsung branded retailers.

According to “Svyaznoy” data from January till September Russians have purchased more than 2 times more fitness-trackers, smart watches and children’s smart watches than a year before: 3,1 million devices for 19,4 billiard rubles, which is 121 % more in items and 133 % more in money than the last year.

The FAS initiative provides for the withdrawal from industry participants of the antimonopoly immunity actually applicable to them
However, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media opposed the FAS initiative to extend competition regulation to developers.
Demand for portable devices grew by 90% in 2019
According to “Eldorado” and “M.Video”, Russians spent nearly 240 billion roubles on wireless gadgets in 2019. Of which, 32 billion rubles formed a carrying device – smart watch, fitness bracelet, etc.
MasterCard is changing the CEO
The payment system MasterCard has reported that from the 1st of January their SEO will become Michael Miebach, currently chief product officer. The current SEO of MasterCard, Ajay Banga, who has been working as a SEO for 10 years is to become a Chairman of the Board of Directors.